• "Barrie Spiritual is Your Personal Growth Connection Offering a Wide Range of Natural & Holistic Services for the Mind, Body and Soul"
  • "Metaphysically Based using an Eclectic Approach We Offer Peace, Hope and Understanding in a Caring Environment"
  • "Barrie Spiritual Centre is a Place of Conscious Awakening and Healing to Open Your Highest Potential"
  • "Co-Directors Debora and David each have Over Three Decades of Experience with a Commitment Toward Excellence"
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Welcome to Barrie Spiritual Services

Your Connection for Past Life Regressions, Hypnosis, Psychic Parties & Card Readings, Reiki, Weddings & Metaphysical Growth Events Helping You Live a Happy and Abundant Life.

David and Debora Love are holistic practitioners and facilitators. Each are here to share with you their lifelong experiences with healing and spiritual growth.

Debora is a Certified Hypnotist, Past-Life Regressionist, Reiki Master, Intuitive and Holistic Energy Healer.

David is an Metaphysical Minister, Author and Lecturer.

Debora & David Love
Barrie Spiritual Services Co-Founders

Reiki 2 Certification June 20, 27 & July 4

$100 Training Includes * Increase your Reiki level 1 connection and skills with Level 2 attunement. Focus on Distant Healing and learn about using symbols for enhanced focus. You will receive the Level 2 Usui Reiki Attunement which stays with you for life and Certificate of Completion of Level 2 Reiki. More Info here

Wisdom & Oracle Cards 4 Class Series June 1, 18, 25 & July 2

$60 Training Includes * Learn to use these wonderful tools for guidance, confirmation, fun & fortune. Several decks to work with here, or bring your favorite deck. We will learn some spreads, and tap into the many ways these cards can work for us. Beginning with readings for self and then for others as we progress. More Info or Register

Debora's Christy Love's Book Just Released

THERE IS LOVE, My Near Death Experience and Beyond
Not quite four years old, she was Home and didn't want to come back. A lifetime of spiritual connections that were hidden away. Life unravels a plan for us. The secret is; the map is within. More Info On Amazon

David Shepard Love's Book Just Released

THE RAINBOW CONNECTION, Gen Z and The Universal Language of Light
Forty years in the making with over 70 Full Rainbow Color Illustrations. The Earth is awakening as never before. Learn about worldwide Rainbow Prophecies and how they affect us today. Explained, is the nature of Time, Dimensions and Paranormal Reality. More Info On Amazon

Services and Upcoming Events

Psychic Card Readings

Bringing you the Best In Professional Psychic Readings For Mind, Body & Spirit Metaphysical Counseling "Our goal is to bring you truly gifted spiritual professional counseling to those who are in need of spiritual advice." Offering Psychic Services and Advice In:
Love ~ Health ~ Marriage
Children ~ Finances ~ Job/Career
Soulmate ~ Past Life ~ Predictions
Direction & Guidance ...
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Monthly Psychic Forecast for October 2018

Past Life Regressions

Explore Your Past Lives with Debora Love NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist - Past Life Training Certification. Many healings occur when we discover the original source of the problem is in a past life. Learn about relationships that span lifetimes and discover the answers to health issues, and the causes of fears, strong likes or dislikes in this lifetime. The subconscious mind never sleeps and remembers all. You have the answers.
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Level Two Reiki Certification Classes
Level 1: TBA
Level 2: Thursdays June 20, 27 & July 4 7pm-9pm
Master Level: TBA

Learn to tap in to this Universal Life Force Healing Energy. A safe and natural way to promote healing and balance energy within the mind, body and spirit. Laying on of hands directs the energy to the person receiving. Reiki can speed the healing of Injuries, lessen pain and stress and unblock energy flows.
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 Tuesday Psychic Development Circle
Tuesdays 7-9PM
Barrie Spiritual Centre
Cost: Pay what you can ($5-$10 suggested)

A fun, easy going way to meet new like minded people and discover and develop your own intuitive, & psychic abilities. Learn to follow your own guidance to help yourself and others. What Is Psychic Ability? Psychic Development Training. Tune In and Rely On Your Guides. Let Your Psychic Ability Grow and Flourish.
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 Meditation Group
Wednesdays 7:00-830 PM

Barrie Spiritual Centre
We start with powerful All Hearts Meditation and then Explore Cutting Edge Metaphysical Truths to Awaken Life Force Energy to Understand and Benefit from Rapid Earth Changes.
Facilitated by David Shepard Love author of The Rainbow Connection and www.Rainbow.guru

Cost: Pay what you can ($5-$10 suggested)
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Just Released!
David's Latest Book

Gen Z and The Universal Language of Light

Rainbow Matrix is a book 40 years in the making. It represents a collective of the highest and best information on the rainbow. It is a comprehensive study of the language of light and how it manifests universally within base Sacred Geometry with the specific guidance of the natural rainbow. This book reveals all the major worldwide Rainbow Prophecies and how the effect us in the here and now.
TESTIMONIAL: "I loved the end especially, a complete sense of peace and love. As if it were the end of anything that ever had to be said! Isn't this the last book that ever needs to be written!" BUY ON AMAZON
Books by David

David Shepard Love

  • Psychic
  • Weddings ~ Naming Ceremony
  • Celebration of Life
  • Meditation ~ David's Books

  • Check out David Love's page and get connected. David is an Author, Speaker, Psychic and Metaphysical Minister.

    Discover many metaphysical connections and insights in his books Rainbow Matrix and Love Illuminations

    David Shepard Love is a Rainbow Mystic and Visionary and shares the Greatest Story of the Rainbow Ever Told. Learn all about the wonders of his work and the Amazing Rainbow Connection at his two sites www.DavidShepardLove.com and www.RainbowMatrix.com Read more

    Barrie Community
    Evening Drumming Circle

    Last Friday of the Month 7:00-9:00PM
    June 28 & July 26

    Barrie Spiritual Centre 56 Rose Street
    A Special Evening of Drumming, Healing and Community
    Bring a healthy snack to share at the end of the evening. Cost: FREE
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    Debora Chrisy Love's Book

    A Near Death Experience at not quite four years old: she was Home and didn't want to come back. A lifetime of spiritual connections that were hidden away. Life unravels a plan for us. The secret is; the map is within. Follow Debora's journey as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place just when it seems life is falling apart. Discerning our hearts call to joy, from the noise of societal and family expectations can be tricky. "Everything Is Energy" they told her in heaven, " You will want to remember that." Read "There Is Love" The mystical truths revealed bring hope and peace to all. More Info On Amazon

    Just Released New Album by Debora Love

    "Love Will Find A Way" is a collection of Debora's finest songs from the past 15 years. As a inspirational songwriter each song touches the soul and awakens the mind and heart. Masterfully produced by Sprout Wise Studios you will find yourself on a journey somewhere over the rainbow into the heart of love. Debora writes about her creative experience in bringing this album together... "For me its about the creative process. I love being inspired to write a new song, then there is no rest until it is complete. I have always loved the arts and began working with song and music rather late in my life.... but never too late, always something new."
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    Original Song ~ Love Will Find A Way By Debora Love

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